General Studio Reminders:

Please do not park and wait for your dancers along the patio fenceline - this creates a back up for other cars trying to get into/out of the parking lot.

Please park in a designated spot. Sandholm St. is 1 block East has additional parking if the lot is full.

Punctuality is important at the beginning of each class as Warm Up is an important part of class to prevent injuries.

Prompt pick up at the end of class, especially at the end of a night is appreciated.

Pre School age dancers should not be left unattended in the lobby - if you are running late  for picking up -please call our desk staff to inform them so they can make sure to keep an eye on them.

Closed bottled water only in the studio - no energy drinks or flavored water please.  Water is available for $1 a bottle.

Dancers who are here for multiple classes that might need snacks should bring healthy/non crumbly snacks such as grapes, carrots, cheese sticks etc and we ask that you do not send popcorn as it is a giant mess.

Please help keep our lobby tidy and throw away coffee cups or any other garbage you have before you leave.

Encourage Dancers to hang coats and stack shoes and bags tidily.

Thank you for your help and understanding.


Tracy & Your DancEncounter Staff

630 232 1221