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Welcome to our web site!

We would like to introduce our studio and highlight areas we feel might be important to you, as someone brand new to dance and DancEncounter.
You may find helpful additional information available at
Of course, we also like to introduce to our studio facility and family personally so feel free to call us, and make arrangements to visit the studio.  All new dancers are welcome to take a free trial class.
We look forward to talking with you and bringing a little dance into your world!  

We are excited that you are visiting our web site and are sure you have many questions.

On this site we will try to address areas unique to families new to dance. We hope you will find this information as something you might be looking for, and that it is useful in terms of both our school and of dance in general.

why Dance?
  • maybe you danced as a child and have fond memories
  • it's a fun physical activity
  • structured learning outside of school boosts confidence in learning through music
  • social, emotional and communicative enhancement bolstering self confidence
  • new friendships with similar interests
  • theatrical triple threat aspirations
  • dance team aspirations
  • other sporting activities like gymnastics and skating need/are supported with good ballet and dance training
  • muscular training to help combat physical weakness or habits ( posture, turned in toes or knees)

why dance with DancEncounter?

  • a professional, friendly and accomodating staff
  • we care about the person within the dancer and aim for a respectful, nurturing environment
  • want to help make sure a dancer is in an appropriate level class
  • free trial classes... for dancer and family to get a feel for the studio - also for the instructor to evaluate and reccommend appropriate levels and classes
  • want the dance experience to be pleasant inside and outside the class room
  •  shows and recitals for all styles age 3 and up; often broken out into a Variety Show for all styles except ballet and then a Ballet production ( shows are not mandatory)
  • A Tradition of The Nutcracker Ballet every other year ( odd years)
  • A performing company (membership by audition) for the stage loving dancer ( maximum 2 competitions per year and other local area performances)
  • age appropriate moves, music and costumes
  • affordability: payment plans available for tuition
  • average costume fee $75and recital ticket price $20 or less

Many students have grown up with DancEncounter and we are proud to have an extended dance family.  DancEncounter has existed since 1993 and has been under Ms. Tracy's direction since 2001.




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Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list.

The Home of Dance for ages Two through Adult
630 E. State St., Geneva IL 60134 
630 232 1221
More info to follow! Do check back as we update and expand this site!