A Review on Yelp

A really lovely dance school with the right focus on whole dancer development, inclusion, and fun. Awesome teachers, caring staff and happy dancers who come back year after year. A true dance community!

I just wanted to take a moment to compliment all of you on a really well-run dress rehearsal today!  After years of musical theatre in HS/college and then a few more teaching children's theatre I know all too well how much work goes on behind the scenes and you guys made it seem flawless,  you minimized the stress on your little dancers and my stress level was exactly zero!  Furthermore, I was blown away by the choreography and the stage presence of every dancer I watched.   I am really looking forward to the show and feel so proud that Scout and I found our way into your little family!   We are both feeling excited for her to try some new styles this summer and broaden her dance experience. Break a leg tomorrow!  (and don't you dare respond to this, you are way too busy!)  

Tracy Fortun (and Scout)

Todays recital hit an all time high!!.. The choreography..was sooo amazing with each performance!!.. I got goosebumps and teary eyed and I guess if you can make someone do that then Thats Broadway right!!!?.. Thank everyone for being such amazing teachers and human beings...I would never send Ava anywhere else..I hope her confidence will continue to grow...ill email u for class this summer

Lov claudia schlottmann

Thank you for all your hard work you and your staff put into the show! It was great. The costumes every wore were beautiful. All the dancers and performers put a lot of hard work into this and it truly paid off. My family loved seeing our daughters dance (as well as the others). They all did fabulous. Jeni was a great teacher to Ellie. She worked hard to get those little ones ready. Thank you for her and all the work she put into the girls class. Take care for now.    


We can't say how much we love being a part of the dancencounter family, and how much we enjoy you and all the staff: especially Ms. Caitlin and Ms. Lisa. We look forward to many more years, and getting to know the other instructors as well! Have a great night! 

Sincerely, Kris

Congratulations on a great show! I was shocked at the enormity of the event. You are to be commended. My daughter truly enjoyed participating and we're glad we did it. She will be back with Dance Encounters in the Fall. Please send a big thanks to Caitlyn for us.  Have a great summer and once again, congratulations on the great show. The Schneider's

In all the hub bub of yesterday, we didn't get to come by and say thank you for an awesome show yesterday. It was really spectacular, and we could see all the hard work, sweat and tears that went into it. She had a ball, and was tearful last night saying she was sad it is over.

Thank you again for being so meaningful in our lives.

Stephanie and Steve

Dear Tracy- Thank you so much for a wonderful birthday party! Everyone had a great time and it all was organized beautifully and went smoothly. Caitlin is an awesome dance teacher and truly has a special gift working with children! They react so well to her and listen eagerly to what she tells them. Just as with Ev's dance classes, she did an outstanding job!!! Thanks again and we will see you tomorrow night! Christine and Kris 

Thanks to all the Staff and teachers at Dancencounters for the wonderful opportunity and experience offered to all the girls!  It was a wonderful show with a beautiful message. It was great how the actors enjoyed the experience of having the girls be part of the show.  The girls did a fantastic job and congratulations again! Best wishes to all for a blessed Christmas Holiday! 


Cynthia & Alexandra